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‘The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Devices Around the World’ from Common Sense Media

Common Sense media have a new post about The New Normal: Parents, Teens, and Devices Around the World which brings together research from around the world about mobile device use, and its impact on family life.  What they are calling ‘The New Normal’ research series explores how smartphones and other mobile devices have changed families’ morning and evening routines and in-person relationships. For the first time, parents and teens reveal their habits around screens and sleep, from where they keep phones at night to how often digital notifications wake them up (and why).


From their research on UK families, which was published in October 2018, they find that both teens and parents say mobile devices are a daily distraction in family life.

They also report that the pull of mobile devices is powerful, and is emerging as a new family conflict zone with a fifth of parents saying they argue with their teens about device use daily.

Screen time ranks third, behind chores and bedtime, as one of the most prevalent sources of conflict by parents.

Nearly half of adults and teens agree they feel addicted to their own mobile devices and a majority of parents, and a third of teens, acknowledge trying to cut back on their mobile screen time.

Parents and teens agree that mobile devices are a source of tension and conflict, but most don’t believe it harms their relationships, with some believing it actually helps their relationship.

You can watch a video about device use in the US and find the full report on the UK at

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