The SWGfL asks ‘Should young people be left to their own devices at school?’

SWGfL are asking Should young people be left to their own devices at school? in their latest article by David Wright, the Director of the UK Safer Internet Centre.  David presents data from the SWGfL’s recent annual assessment report, drawn from 14,000 schools, which highlights the management of mobile devices as an inconsistent aspect of Online Safety in Schools.

According to the data schools vary from totally banning family-owned devices in school, to those schools which embrace and encourage pupils bringing in devices as a method of saving money whilst still providing 1:1 devices at no cost to the school!

The article also points to recent reports that pupils in France have been banned from using their mobile phones during school hours, and how this has prompted debate within the UK.

The full article goes on to put the case for and against personal mobile device use in schools in great detail, and is well worth a closer look if this is something that you are considering for your school.

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